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Pedagogical assistants

A pedagogical assistant is a professionally trained member of the school staff who, working with teachers, children, families and the community helps the children from marginalised groups to use all the advantages of education and overcome the difficulties they face through their education.

Primary schools can conclude a fixed-term labour contract with a person who shall perform the tasks of pedagogical assistant, providing also assistance and additional support to students, in accordance with their needs, as well as to teachers, educators and non-teaching professionals in order to improve their work with children and students who need additional educational support. 

Upon concluding the contract of pedagogical assistant, the person is referred by the pre-school institution or school to compulsory and optional modules of the training curriculum. The minister of education defines more specific requirements regarding the degree and profile of qualifications and the curriculum for the pedagogical assistant’s training. 

The pedagogical assistant training curriculum aims at enabling the candidate to do the work of pedagogical assistant independently and it contains an introductory module, six compulsory modules and four optional modules on offer, for the candidate to choose two as an obligatory part of the curriculum. The six compulsory modules aim at enabling the pedagogical assistant to: work with families, cooperate with outsourced associates, organisations and institutions, and provide support to staff in educational and preparatory institutions, design and implement the teaching activities, cater to children’s development and safety. 

The optional modules are meant to make the pedagogical assistant capable of providing support and assistance to: children and students in developing their linguistic and social skills necessary for successful studying, children and students with learning difficulties, disabilities and developmental difficulties, as well as children and students from indigent families, rural areas and Roma national community, appreciating the specific features of culture and tradition. 

Every module from the training curriculum is restated in ECTS credits, and the size of training is rendered as a sum of ECTS credits. The total sum of curriculum credits is 36 ECTS.

The OSCE Mission to Serbia, together with the Ministry of Education, has been working on the pedagogical assistant training since 2007, and the training curriculum was accredited with the Lifelong Learning Centre in Kragujevac. From July to November 2014, the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development organised training for 181 pedagogical assistants through the TARI project. The certificates on completed training for pedagogical assistants are planned to be delivered by the end of 2015.