Mapa polozaja romskih naselja

Mobile Teams

Mobile Teams for Roma inclusion are working parties at the local assemblies or councils established in order to reinforce cooperation among officers in certain local institutions. Mobile Team members organise joint field visits to Roma settlements and provide joint and coordinated support and assistance to individuals and families.

Members of the mobile teams are:

  • A Roma coordinator engaged in local/city administration;
  • A pedagogical assistant;
  • A representative of the social work centre; 
  • A health mediator; 
  • A representative of the National Employment service local branch;

Mobile Teams were established pursuant to the local assembly or council decisions. The members were appointed by the institutions they represent. 

Tasks of the mobile teams:

  • Provide joint and coordinated support and assistance to individuals and families;
  • Identify the needs of the Roma community [in the municipality/city], particularly in the areas of education, health and social care and employment;
  • Promote and encourage Roma inclusion in the local community life;
  • Propose activities for improving the position of Roma to the relevant authorities, city/municipality and other bodies and organisations;
  • Promote interculturalism and contribute to familiarising the local population with the Roma community

Establishment of mobile teams brings about:

  • A more rational use o local institutional resources;
  • A coordinated approach to service providing;
  • A better and faster accessibility of services to the beneficiaries.

Method of work: 

Mobile Teams act in line with the six-month operation plans defining: task, expected result, baseline indicators, activities, resources, time and responsible persons. The work methodology implies also the consideration of gender equality in the phases of planning, implementation and evaluation of the implemented activity.