Mapa polozaja romskih naselja

Health mediators

Pursuant to the Law on Health Care and Social Health Care at the national level, Article 11, within improving health and health care of population groups more exposed to disease risks, the Ministry of Health has supported the project of introducing health mediators into the health care system of the Republic of Serbia since 2008.

The role of health mediators is to keep records on health status of informal settlement inhabitants, work with them on raising the awareness of the necessity to have the children immunised, as well as of the importance of healthy diet and hygienic routine. Health mediators are supposed to provide health institutions with a better insight into these settlements, drawing the inhabitants’ attention to the importance of timely medical check-up. A health mediator is not a medical professional (a physician or a nurse), she is a bond between the health care system and informal settlements.

When selecting the health mediators, the Ministry of Health attached primacy to the Roma mothers living in Roma settlements themselves. Bearing in mind the everyday communication with the Roma community and the same background, they provide a significant contribution to the mobile team’s work on Roma inclusion. When organising workshops and other activities, they connect the team with families and individuals from the Roma community who need assistance.